Barry Pollack Quoted in the Detroit Free Press on Word Choice Used by Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick on His Corruption Case

"With an appeal in mind, Kwame Kilpatrick couldn't fully apologize, experts say"
Detroit Free Press
10.21.13Barry Pollack was quoted regarding the former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick failure to make a full admission of guilt for the pay-to-play schemes and racketeering crimes for which he was being sentenced. Practitioners offered their observations about whether or not a defendant should offer an apology at sentencing. “It’s a real tightrope trying to craft an apology that sounds sincere without compromising his appeal,” Pollack said. “Sometimes saying nothing is the safest course.” However, he noted that, “There are ways to apologize without accepting the government’s view of the facts. Certainly you can apologize for errors in judgment that you’ve made, or for harm that you’ve caused without admitting that you have committed a crime.”
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