Marc Gerson Quoted Regarding Bipartisan Efforts to Rewrite the U.S. Tax Code in Accounting Today

"Looking for a Real Chance of Reform"
Accounting Today
09.01.13Marc Gerson is quoted regarding the increase in bipartisan efforts to rewrite the U.S. tax code. A key issue, Gerson said, is for legislators to determine where tax reform fits in with other priorities, such as the continuing budget resolution, entitlement reform, the debt limit increase, and possible interest in a replacement for the sequester. "But despite all the legislative uncertainty, both chairmen of the tax-writing committees have stated repeatedly that they intend to mark up a tax reform bill in the fall, which is in and of itself very significant," Gerson said. "Whatever comes out will be the base for tax reform and whether it's enacted this year or in the future, whatever gets put out as the initial proposal is significant in shaping the final bill."
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