Matthew Reinhard Discusses Anti-Corruption Compliance on CCTV's Biz Asia America

Biz Asia America

In this video interview on CCTV's Biz Asia America, Matthew Reinhard discusses international anti-corruption efforts and their impact on businesses and individuals. According to Reinhard, "You can look over the past ten years, since the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act has been enforced, and see a dramatic rise in internal controls of most multinational companies." With this increase, it is important for global companies to understand the law and take steps to comply. "Anti-corruption is the future. It is not going away. 'Everyone's doing it' is not an excuse .... The authorities will pursue these crimes and they will enforce these laws," Reinhard said.

This interview also appeared on the Wall Street Journal Risk & Compliance Journal Blog ("Corruption Currents: From Online Reaction to Reinsurers' Iran Ties," July 25, 2013).

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