Barry Pollack Quoted in The Blog of Legal Times Regarding the Fourth Circuit Decision in Sterling Case

"Fourth Circuit Voids Protection of Reporter in Leak Case"
The Blog of Legal Times
07.19.13Barry Pollack is quoted regarding the decision of U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit overturning the trial judge's rulings that it would not require testimony from reporter James Risen in the government's cases against Pollack's client, former CIA agent Jeffrey Sterling, and striking two of the government's witnesses as a sanction for failing to make timely disclosure of impeachment material. Pollack said, "The majority of the court spoke to the weakness of the government's case against Mr. Sterling and acknowledged that the government failed to provide the defense timely disclosure of material that impeaches certain government witnesses." Pollack also stated that, "It is unfortunate that the appellate court declined to uphold the trial court's sanction for the government's failure to meet its obligations."
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