Tim O'Toole Comments on Supreme Court Appeal for Kevin Ring in Daily Report for Executives

"Ex-Lobbyist Ring Asks Supreme Court to Review Conviction on Corruption Charges"
Daily Report for Executives

In this article, Tim O'Toole comments on the recently filed petition for certiorari with the Supreme Court to overturn Kevin Ring's 2010 conviction on corruption charges. O'Toole serves as lead lawyer for Ring, the only lobbyist indicted on charges of conspiracy, honest services wire fraud, and illegal gratuities in connection with the investigation of Jack Abramoff.

According to O'Toole, Ring's case "presents important issues that were crucial to the proper resolution of his trial but also affect the fair resolution of many cases around the country." He added that the Supreme Court “has already shown great interest in the issues presented on both the honest services fraud and campaign contribution fronts and we are hopeful it will grant review to resolve them here."

The petition said Ring's case provides "an excellent vehicle" for the Supreme Court to resolve a number of questions raised in other recent cases in the lower courts. "The issues raised by Mr. Ring are 'weighty' and their proper resolution depends on the disputed reading of this Court's decisions" in recent corruption and campaign finance cases, his lawyers said.

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