Nathan Lankford Discusses Being an FCPA Associate with the FCPA Professor

"On Being An FCPA Associate … A Q&A With Nathan Lankford"
FCPA Professor
06.10.13In this interview, Nathan Lankford discusses his career to date as an FCPA lawyer, and provides advice to students who may be interested in pursuing a path in FCPA law. When asked what has surprised him the most so far in his career, he said it was discovering the countless ways corruption can happen. "I still haven’t come across a situation where an official said 'I can fix this problem for a bribe.' The pressures and requests are almost always subtle, and constantly taking new forms. I love hearing the stories of people working in challenging contexts because they often have more direct experience of such pressures – at work and in their personal lives – than DC-based lawyers like myself," Lankford said.
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