Our People

One of the benefits of working at Miller & Chevalier is having the opportunity to know your colleagues and co-workers. With one office location, there are many opportunities to work collaboratively and to socialize with people across the firm. The people at Miller & Chevalier are loyal and dedicated professionals with a real passion for what they do.

Our team is made up of individuals with diverse experience, backgrounds, talents, and interests. Staff members have served in a wide variety of capacities in law firms, in private industry, and in the government, and many have both undergraduate and graduate degrees. This valuable mix of experience and perspective is deployed to benefit both client and firm projects. Outside the office, we play sports, coach our kids’ teams, pursue musical and artistic talents, support charitable and civic endeavors, volunteer in a wide variety of capacities, and so much more.

Miller & Chevalier is proud of the long tenure of many of our staff members across the firm. The average tenure is 11 years -- a fact we believe speaks to the culture and working environment at the firm.