Working at Miller & Chevalier

Miller & Chevalier has a culture of professionals who are passionate about what we do. We are devoted to serving our clients and to working collaboratively with one another, tapping into our diverse experience and talents to deliver the best solutions and the highest quality work product. We believe that everyone who is part of the Miller & Chevalier community is important to the success of our business.

We know that working as a team across the firm makes us stronger and helps us retain the great people we have on staff. Projects (large and small) frequently involve people from different administrative and legal departments. The firm is also characterized by respect, entrepreneurship, and empowerment. We encourage everyone to suggest new and better ways of doing things.

We understand that while it is important for us to work hard at serving our internal and external clients, it’s also important for us to have opportunities to enjoy some “downtime.” There are a number of firm-wide events, including our annual Fourth of July party on our terrace overlooking the festivities on the National Mall. We also have many informal get-togethers throughout the year that include everyone in the firm.

Miller & Chevalier is unusual in the number of people who have returned to the firm (lawyers and staff) after leaving for other opportunities. What we hear over and over again from our “rebounders” is how special a place the firm is and how glad they are to return. We think that is the ultimate compliment.


“Returning to M&C was like ‘coming home.’ I think Miller & Chevalier uniquely combines high performance standards with a congenial working environment. I was very pleased to have the opportunity to return.”
Beverly Wass, Secretary



“Returning to M&C was like coming home.”Beverly Wass