Professional Development

Miller & Chevalier recruits top talent from across the country and recognizes that retaining that talent rests heavily on a number of factors. One factor is the maintenance of a work environment respectful to individuals’ professional and personal priorities. An equally important factor is the professional development of our lawyers. The firm strives to maximize lawyer development through its holistic mentoring program, a Lawyer Development Committee, and a firm-wide commitment to facilitating meaningful supervision from the start of a lawyer’s career at the firm.

We also provide regular firm-wide training programs. Substantive legal training sessions focus on current issues at the heart of our various practice groups. They are designed to provide our young lawyers an opportunity to speak on and debate those issues with their senior colleagues, both to promote understanding of the relevant legal issues, and to provide a forum for our young lawyers to engage in public speaking, substantive teaching, and persuasive advocacy. Lawyer practice training sessions have included training on a collection of “nuts-and-bolts” skills, including witness interviews, deposition techniques, expert witness preparation and examination, and memorandum drafting. The firm encourages participation in outside training programs such as workshops sponsored by the National Institute of Trial Advocacy (NITA), the American Bar Association (ABA), and practice-focused chapters of local bar organizations.

In addition, the firm leaders host regular sessions designed to educate associates about aspects of being a lawyer at Miller & Chevalier independent from the nuts and bolts of the practice of law. For example, Homer Moyer, a leader in the firm’s International group, leads an annual multi-part evening roundtable called “Six Unofficial, Irreverent, Optional, Discussions for M&C Lawyers.” The sessions involve lively and always interesting discussions about growing up professionally in a law firm environment. They provide a forum for young associates to ask questions about what to expect in various settings and how to address and resolve challenges that arise.

For a number of years, lawyers and members of firm management have hosted associate lunches where topics such as law firm economics, market trends, and business development have been discussed. These sessions are part of our commitment to share relevant information about the firm’s business model, financial picture, and long-term planning goals with all of our lawyers. Miller & Chevalier expects each lawyer to be involved in the growth and development of the firm’s business and its culture, and open communication is a vital part of that process.