How do I learn of your current job openings?
Our website is always up-to-date with our current lawyer needs.

Can I apply directly to the firm or do I need to use a headhunter?
You can always apply directly to the firm.

How long does the application process take?
The process varies from applicant to applicant, but it should take no longer than three weeks to receive a response. Once your application has been received and entered into our database, it will be reviewed by the Director of Recruiting and Professional Development. If appropriate, your resume will then be reviewed by the Hiring Committee and relevant Department Chair. Someone will be in touch with you shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, due to the volume of resumes we receive, we are unable to personally contact each applicant via telephone.

What are your hiring requirements?
Miller & Chevalier seeks talented, entrepreneurial, and motivated individuals who embrace our values and welcome the challenge of joining the Miller & Chevalier community. We are particularly interested in lateral candidates with experience at the government agencies with which our clients interact, as well as those whose private practice experience has included extensive involvement in our specific practices areas. Mostly, though, we welcome interest from lawyers who appreciate the aspects that make our firm different and are committed to growing their practice in a collegial and collaborative environment.

How do associates receive assignments?
Our associates play an active role in determining with whom they work. Due to the one-to-one member to associate ratio, associates quickly get to know members within their practice areas. Associates are encouraged to seek out a variety of assignments and work for a number of different lawyers in their practice area.

What is the firm’s approach to pro bono work?
We strongly encourage our lawyers to give back to the local community. Credit toward billable hour targets is given for work done on pro bono matters. We encourage you to read more about our pro bono program and some of our representative projects.

What is the track to making member?
While there is no preset length of time before an associate can become a member, our experience suggests it generally takes eight years for lawyers to develop and demonstrate the full range of skills necessary for Miller & Chevalier to consider them for membership. Barring special circumstances, we want lateral associates to have three full years at the firm before considering them for membership.

What is the firm’s billable hour requirement?
The firm’s minimum billable hour requirement is 1800 hours per year for full time associates.

Does the firm have a retirement plan?
Yes, associates are eligible to participate in the firm’s 401(k) plan immediately after being hired.

How much vacation time can I expect?
Associates accrue four weeks vacation time per year and are encouraged to take this time off. Vacation time may not be carried over to the following year.