Summer Program

The goal of our summer program is to provide you with a realistic and candid look at our firm and allow you to see for yourself that Miller & Chevalier is committed to providing extraordinary legal services in a friendly, professional, and fast-paced environment.

Our summer program offers summer associates an introduction to the practice of law and day-to-day life as an associate at Miller & Chevalier. The summer associate program provides meaningful responsibility and feedback that is consistent with a junior associate’s experience. Summer associates receive formal feedback during a mid-summer review and final review, in addition to informal feedback.

Each summer associate is assigned one member mentor and one associate advisor to provide guidance throughout the summer, explain firm policies, address any questions, and to assist in the transition from law school life to firm life. There is also a work assignment coordinator for each summer associate. The assignment coordinator helps to manage the summer associate's workload and ensures he or she is getting the breadth and depth of assignments to provide them with a good overall view of the firm and its practice areas.

The summer program also provides summer associates the opportunity to meet lawyers in all departments through a variety of social events. These events enable our summer associates to set the foundation for what will become long-term relationships with their fellow summer associates and Miller & Chevalier lawyers.