Can 1L's apply to the summer program?
Yes, 1L's are encouraged to submit their resumes as soon as possible after December 1, as dictated by NALP principles and standards.

Are there training and informational programs for the summer associates?
The firm offers various summer associate training programs on a variety of topics, including legal writing, deposition skills, and communication techniques. In addition, summer associates are welcome to attend and participate in lawyer training sessions for the firm at large and are invited to attend any practice groups meetings of interest.

What is the goal of the summer program and what are the criteria for getting an offer of permanent employment from Miller & Chevalier?
The primary goal of our summer program is to identify people that would be strong additions to the Miller & Chevalier community. Not surprisingly, we seek law students who demonstrate an ability to analyze complex legal and factual issues, produce quality written work product, communicate clearly and persuasively, and research questions both thoroughly and creatively. However, we also evaluate a student's maturity, judgment, and ability to collaborate respectfully with colleagues. Summer associates who receive offers of permanent employment demonstrate each of those skills and are people who we perceive as likely to succeed and grow as young associates at the firm.

Does the firm permit split summers?
We strongly encourage students to spend their entire summer at Miller & Chevalier, because experience has shown that split summers frequently deprive the student of an opportunity to sufficiently explore the various parts of the firm and deprive the firm of the opportunity to make a full and comprehensive evaluation of the summer associate. In rare cases, we allow summer associates to split the summer, normally on the condition that the student spends the first half of the summer, and a total of eight weeks, at Miller & Chevalier.

As a summer associate, will I be assigned to a specific practice group?
Summer associates are assigned to one of our four departments (Tax, Employee Benefits, International, and Litigation) based upon the summer associate's interests and the firm's anticipated needs. However, given the nature of the firm's practices, it is normal for summer associates to work with lawyers outside of their assigned groups and to participate in projects that provide a view of the firm as a whole. All summer associates are also encouraged to work on a pro bono matter during their time at the firm.

What type of work assignments are given to summer associates?
We believe that your summer experience should provide you with a realistic view of what it would be like to practice law here and give us a true preview of your skills, talents, and work ethic. We give summer associates work assignments that relate to real issues in ongoing client matters and cases, and require analysis and resolution of relevant legal questions. When possible, we try to involve our summer associates in aspects of case preparation and execution that are representative of the type of work our associates perform. This provides excellent exposure to the firm's clients and practices.

What type of mentoring and feedback will I receive during the summer?
We believe that effective mentoring and substantive feedback are keys to a young lawyer's growth and success. Because we strive to give our summer associates a true sense of life as a starting associate at Miller & Chevalier, and because we hope to ensure the success of the students that we bring into the summer program, we replicate our associates' mentoring and feedback practices for our summer associates. Each summer associate receives a mentor and an advisor from the department to which they are assigned. The mentor and advisor are tasked with providing guidance and direction to the summer associate, both on substantive legal questions and also on issues regarding day-to-day life at the firm. We require our lawyers to provide timely and substantive feedback to summer associates on each project. At the mid-point of each summer associate's stay, we conduct a review that includes an in-depth review of projects done to date and a discussion about questions the summer associate has, work the summer associate would like to do in the second half of the summer, lawyers with whom the summer associate would like to work, and similar issues. That mid-summer review is followed by a final review at the end of the summer term. Our offer decisions are made within a few weeks of each summer associate's departure from the summer program.

Does Miller & Chevalier sponsor social activities for the summer associates?
Yes! Our summer program includes a variety of events to suit everyone. Events vary from summer to summer. In the past we've participated in cooking classes, kayaked on the Potomac River, toured the monuments by moonlight and cheered on the Washington Nationals.

Will the firm cover my travel expenses to and from Washington, D.C.?
The firm will cover roundtrip airfare or car travel reimbursement for summer associates (and immediate family, if applicable).

If I have a spouse/significant other, will he/she be invited to attend social events?
We make great efforts to involve spouses and significant others in social events. Although not all events will be open to guests, the majority will be. We would like to give your spouse/significant other plenty of opportunities to get acquainted with your co-workers and the firm. A number of events will also be open to children.

What is the size of your summer program?
The average size of our summer class is five - eight students.

Where can I find the firm's NALP form?
Please click here for the Miller & Chevalier NALP form.